A wellness center and holistic spa dedicated to
nurturing your self-care practice and path toward wellbeing
for integrated and inspired living.

We’re dedicated to deepening your experience of health and wellness.  

We use the highest quality organic ingredients and offer unique treatments, mindfulness programs, and day-long retreats to reconnect you with the beauty of the nature we’re fortunate to be surrounded by in the Pacific Northwest.

With an eye on every detail and aspect of your visit to our wellness sanctuary, our exceptional guest services team and gifted healing arts providers create a restorative and renewing self-care experience designed just for you.

We offer a wide variety of body and soul nourishing treatments. You’ll find our practitioners to be remarkably present, attentive and caring listeners, with an intuitive ability to sculpt a session and create an experience that removes any barriers that may be present so you can  let go and let in a greater sense of calm and ease.

Our from-the-heart intention is to share our wellness approach in a way that inspires you towards a more integrated experience in your life — where you’re able to live in a place of optimal wellbeing and fulfill your profound and unique purpose.

It is our sincere pleasure to be of service.  Welcome. 

  • We had the nicest time, comfy seats, a couple of hours of fun girl time and pampering.  The interior design is gorgeous and the theme carried out so nicely through the whole spa. Having a chemical-free pedicure was a divine experience and the polish color choices are all rich and fun.  My inner lizard got to emerge with the hot rocks under my feet and the sun (yes, the real sun) streaming through the windows. If you have never been here, I highly recommend making an appointment for a service of your choice soon.  Given my pedi experience, I would imagine all the other services are simply heavenly as well.  ~ TLS

  • My facial at Zenana Spa was fabulous. My esthetician was so sweet and she even complimented me on my skin and eyebrows. I left glowing and will definitely be booking another.  ~ Tonya

  • I was recently able to treat myself to a much-needed day at Zenana Spa. I had a body wrap by Amanda, a facial by Sarah and a foot treatment by Colleen. The treatments were wonderful and each practitioner had such a gentle, caring therapeutic touch. The spa atmosphere is so opulent and soothing, with a shower room not to be missed! I loved it and can’t wait to go back! Zenana Spa, thank you for creating a nurturing environment and experience for us mamas in need of some pampering.  ~ Melissa

  • My son and I came in for a mom/child pedicure for our birthdays in September – he turned 5 – we loved it!!!  My son thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Especially the hot rocks – and his toes being painted hot red!  He’s normally *very* exuberant, but was peaceful during the whole experience.  The nail tech was great.  Such a nice time for us both.  Thanks for that!  We may just make it a tradition!  ~ Diane

  • This was a great spa day and I can’t express enough how wonderful the women were.  My therapist were perfect – so intuitive and the treatments were relaxing and luxurious.  The massage was fantastic!  ~ Amy

  • My daughter just called to let me know about her experience at your spa this afternoon.   She was very pleased, the afterglow evident in her voice.  She said it was obvious that her massage therapist knew what she was doing with a pregnant body, the cushioning and pillowing very supportive, and all the body work delicious.  I’d say you have a very happy customer!  She is already planning her next visit! Thank you from one mom to another.  ~ Heather

  • I just wanted to let you know what a great experience I had at your spa last week.  I had come in for a massage with my 6 week old.  My baby is a little on the fussy side and is generally happy only when being held so by the time I got to the spa I was beginning to think this was a really bad idea.  My massage therapist offered to wear him in the Mobi wrap during the massage which worked beautifully – I was so happy to be able to get my massage and not have to stress about my baby and whether he would cry and I would lose my massage, etc.  It was really above and beyond the call for the massage therapist to do this but showed a real dedication to her job and such caring towards me as a client- I really, really appreciated it. Thank you and thanks to the massage therapist for a great experience!  ~ Rebecca

  • I attended the mama baby yoga class this morning with Kat. I really enjoyed her teaching style and excellent focus on alignment, specifically to the postpartum body. She was friendly, helpful and did an impressive job. Her use of straps and blocks was very helpful too. I have been practicing yoga for a long time, but I feel like I learned a lot from her in the class. This is especially impressive considering I was also entertaining an 8-month old.  ~ Janelle