For everyone, wellbeing is a journey.
The secret is committing to that journey and taking
those first steps with hope and belief in yourself.
~Deepak Chopra

The Story of Zenana Center for Wellbeing


Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it,

boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now. ~ Goethe


Our story began over a decade ago and was born out of a dream by our Founder, the collaboration of 7 inspiring and big-hearted women and the support of family and friends. Year-after-year, the heart and soul of the business continues to unfold into new dreams — always in service of greater health and wellbeing for our guests and our community.

The birth of Zenana Center for Wellbeing began when Founder, Zenana-Renee Rose, then an experienced labor and delivery nurse and lactation consultant, landed upon a small article in Sunset Magazine about maternity spas.  In that moment, Zenana knew that she would open a maternity-focused spa in Portland, catering especially to the needs of expecting moms and new families.

For Zenana, dreaming up an innovative business concept in the world of self-care, inviting partners to participate in the development and growth of business, seeking and securing funding, managing the construction build out for the new space, and ultimately opening the doors for the business — was very much like the cycles expecting mothers move through, in carrying, nurturing and delivering their children into the world.  It was filled with hopes and dreams for what the business could one day become as a resource for pregnant and parenting families.

‘Zenana’ literally means the room in the home where women gather and experiences are shared and the core of our mission has always been to offer nurturing support to our guests and clients on their journey toward optimal health and wholeness.

In the Fall 2017, what was Zenana Spa and Wellness Center grew into its new form as  Zenana Center for Wellbeing.  In this new stage in the life of our business, we are broadening our offerings beyond focusing on being of service to pregnant and new families — and are now providing treatments and programs that support and nurture our wellbeing at each stage in our lives.

Maintaining a small community business is a labor of love and it’s own kind of spiritual practice.  We feel an incredible sense of pride knowing that we are providing a valued service in our community.  When clients call and share how beneficial the services and classes have been to them throughout their self-care journeys, it makes it all worthwhile and serves as exquisite confirmation, that pursuing a dream based in service and love for community is indeed a worthy contribution to pursue.

You will find all our guest services team and providers are inspired by their work and are wholeheartedly dedicated to your wellbeing.


It is our heartfelt desire that you feel most welcome

in our inviting and nurturing space.