Ask the Massage Therapist: “Help, I Woke Up This Morning and I Can’t Move My Neck!”

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We’ve all done it.  The alarm/toddler awakens us and before we are even up, we realize something is restricting the movement of the neck.  Before you take a temporary pain blocker, or pull your hair out in pain, here is some guidance to help ease you back into full range of motion.

*Alternating hot-cold therapy pumps an infusion of blood through the affected area to release debris that may be preventing free movement.  Begin with hot: take your microwaveable heat pack and place it on the back of your head and let it extend down and across your shoulders if possible.  Let this rest here for ten minutes.  It helps tremendously if your skin is damp, so place a wet washcloth or hand towel on your skin, beneath the hot pack.   This moisture will drive the hydrotherapy into deeper layers of muscle.  After your ten minutes, switch to a flexible cold pack.  Place in the same spot for ten minutes, if your skin isn’t getting damp, leave the wet washcloth or hand towel beneath the pack.  If you have time, repeat the process so you have done hot-cold, hot-cold.  You can repeat this again after a one hour break, if needed.  This is a great way to address areas of build up, or “knots,” as well as long term injury sites such as joints and tendon areas.  For a long term issue, we recommend doing this routine 3-4 times a week until the situation is resolved.

*Visit us for flexible, gel filled or grain filled packs that can be used in the microwave or freezer!  We also carry topical pain relievers:  for an all natural, localized pain reliever, choose our awesome Sombra line, our refreshing Pain Be Gone essential oil blend by Aromandia or the convenient Imbue pain patch.  All of these products help to contain the pain and offer therapeutic results!

*Stretch: gently turn your head so that your chin is over your right shoulder, or as close as you can come without straining.  Take a deep breath, let it out all the way and gently go further into your stretch after the exhale.  Do this a few times, always moving further into the stretch as you exhale.  Bring your chin to the left and repeat the process.

Take your right ear and bring it towards your right shoulder, stop when you feel mild tension.  Take a deep breath and let it out all the way before going further toward your shoulder with your ear.  Repeat a few times before switching to the left side.

*Come in and let us work on you!  Give us a call and our reception team will match your needs to the skills of one of our highly knowledgeable massage therapists.  You’ll receive exceptional care for the issue at hand as well as individual advice on how to prevent this type of episode in the future!

Thanks to Grace Kerr, our Lead Massage Therapist, for taking time out of her holidays to write this lovely article.

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