Body Treatments

Our specialized Body Treatments are an excellent way to increase your circulation, improve elasticity, revitalize skin while infusing your delicate tissue with amazing nutrients.



Body Soother 
Allow us to indulge your skin and your senses to a dreamy  respite of smoothing sweetness beginning with a warmed  Sugar Scrub, your choice of Coconut, Apricot or Cranberry. After a gently relaxing rain shower, you’ll receive a customized massage with one of our skilled therapists using the luscious Eminence Apricot Body Oil which is high in iron to revitalize and full of antioxidants, an ultimate skin cell regenerator!

Full Body Wrap provides customized detoxifying or moisturizing benefits to your skin. Your therapist begins with a light dry brushing for your lymphatic system. Then a warm and aromatic body masque featuring Éminence Organic Skin Care is applied and you are wrapped in heated layers while relaxing with a scalp, face and foot massage. After rinsing off in our rain shower, a light moisturizer is applied. This service will leave you feeling refreshed and energized, and the body brush is yours to keep.

[Body Wraps are not available during pregnancy, due to the increase in body temperature.]

Full Body Sugar Scrub is an exfoliation treatment featuring Éminence Organic Skin Care. A nourishing sugar scrub with delicious aromas will be handpicked for you. This is a rich mixture of anti-oxidants to feed your skin; you will emerge feeling revitalized with smooth and well-hydrated skin.

Slip into your own relaxation oasis with this multifaceted body treatment. Your skin will be stimulated and smoothed with an exfoliating scrub using our ayate cloths and an Éminence Body Wash, bursting with a fresh fruity bouquet. Then your skin is drenched in warmed and sweetly scented Éminence Body Oil containing nurturing apricot as well as antioxidizing pomegranate. You will receive soothing massage targeting areas that benefit release before you are wrapped in warm, snug flannel. While you rest in your heated cocoon and your skin deeply absorbs the oil, we’ll massage your scalp, face and neck to be sure the last bit of tension melts away. You’ll love that your skin feels brand new, your mind is quieted and you keep the exfoliating cloth so that you can maintain your soft smooth skin at home. (Contraindicated for pregnancy.)



bellyvitaBelly Vita Belly Imprinting is designed especially for mamas-to-be in their third trimester. A soothing aromatherapy hand, scalp and foot massage treatment balances the mind, body and belly while a unique and artistic Belly Imprint sculpture is created. You take home the white plaster cast the same day. The decorating ideas are endless!


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