Healthy skin at every stage of life


Organic Skin Care

Custom tailored to your skin’s needs, you and your esthetician will choose from an array of luscious fruit, vegetable and herbal skin care products handcrafted by Éminence Organic Skin Care of Hungary. These organic ingredients have an incredibly fresh aroma, with pure vitamin infusions and high bioflavonoid (live ingredients) content. The selection addresses a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging, sun damage, loss of vitality, tone and radiance.

                                                                                                            Signature Facials 

Flourish Facial

Addresses your basic skin care concerns, with cleansing, exfoliation, extractions as necessary, plus a masque or treatment and massage techniques designed to relax and rejuvenate. Also now included , an Eminence Organic Skin care Lip and Eye Treatment! Finish with a custom moisturizer as well as a complementary application of Eminence mineral cosmetics upon request.

60 min:$90

Royal Rejuvenation Facial

The most indulgent facial ever! This treatment combines an organic herbalized Hot oil Scalp Massage and Heavenly Hands & Feet-a paraffin alternative utilizing intoxicating essential oils and nutrient rich oils to sooth and soften your hands and feet. Receive a full signature Flourish Facial customized just for you with Eminence Organic Skin Care Products. Includes skin analysis, steam,cleansing,exfoliation,masque/treatment ,moisturizer and extractions if necessary. Relax into the skilled hands of our seasoned skin care therapists by enjoying a royal neck and shoulder massage.
You will leave feeling truly rejuvenated and pampered.
90 min: $130  

Quiet Retreat Facial

Perfect for stress relief of the body and mind. Stressed skin can look red and inflamed, soothing chamomile and arnica Organic Skin Care products will be applied during your facial with gentle massage techniques. Release your emotional stress with an Organic Hot Oil Scalp massage with beneficial  extracts of  rosemary and lavender infused oil. Our brain is the origin of all our activities, by enjoying a hot oil scalp massage and leaving the oil on the scalp it will  help to soothe the capillaries and nerves of the  brain. Relaxation of mind and body is achieved. This treatment includes all basic facial services including -Cleansing, Exfoliation, steam, extractions as needed, Masque/Treatment,  and moisturizer. Ask your skin care therapists if you would like a complimentary mineral make- up application.

You will leave with a  glowing complexion  and renewed spirit.

60 mins:$105

Corrective Facials

LED Enhanced Facial

This facial is ideal for clients that want that wow factor! LED Light therapy is ideal for anyone looking to significantly improve the quality and appearance of their skin. Excellent for aging, acne, rosacea among many other applications. It is a safe and effective treatment that should be completed in a series to optimize results and benefits. LED Light therapy combined with a luxurious scalp massage help to reduce stress and leave the skin looking it’s best. Includes most everything in the  Flourish Facial  except extractions.


Clarifying Acne Facial

This facial is ideal for clients suffering from moderate to severe acne. Our Organic probiotic and willow bark infused products combined with thorough extractions will smooth out your skin. Next LED is applied to kill acne causing bacteria and prevent acne scarring. Your esthetician will discuss a treatment plan including follow up visits, dietary recommendations, and an effective home care routine to banish breakouts for good!


Ultimate Anti Aging Facial

Dive into this decadent anti-aging facial perfected by Eminence Organic Skin Care. Starring in this fabulous treat the Age Corrective line by Eminence, designed to reverse the signs of aging as well as prevent new damage from forming. With products containing a natural retinol alternative, along with the tightening and smoothing power of LED your skin will age gracefully! Complete this treatment with a splendid hand and foot massage and paraffin alternative to work away every last bit of stress and care in the world. You will feel revived with a youthful bounce in your step!

Brightening Facial Series

Our natural hydroquinone alternative products will be infused deep into the skin.Next LED Light Therapy will be applied to the face to help diminish brown spots without harmful side effects. This treatment includes six 30 min. services preferable booked once a week.

6 treatments: $400

Express Skin Treatments

LED Light Therapy Treatment

This quick and effective no nonsense treatment will surely have your skin rejuvenated within weeks! Often done in a series of once a week treatments, this therapy includes a quick skin cleanse and placement under the light. When your skin care therapist returns she will apply a light moisturizer.

20min $65

LED with Peel

Enjoy a more luxurious LED treatment even when you are pressed for time. Your face will be gently cleansed and a peel will be applied that enhances the benefits and results of the LED light therapy. While under the light your skin care therapists will give you a luscious scalp massage to drain all stress away. When finished your skin will glow with a protective moisturizer.


Demi Skin Treatment

Demi Skin Treatment addresses your basic skin care concerns, with cleansing, exfoliation,masque, and a moisturizer. This service is a good option for anyone needing special attention in between their regular facial appointments, as well as pre-teens and men and women of all ages.

30 min: $60


Acne Clarifying Back Facial

Clarifying Back Treatment is an attentive, gentle experience for your entire back. Your esthetician will customize an array of our Éminence Organic Skin Care products for a deep cleanse and relaxing steam, with extractions as needed, followed by toning and the perfect amount of hydration to meet your skin’s needs. This is the perfect preparation for special events such as weddings, proms or a vacation.



Organic Head to Toe Glow

The most indulgent facial ever! This treatment starts with a full body dry brushing. Stimulating the detoxification process, while smoothing the skin. Next a warm nutrient rich body masque is applied and you are wrapped to trap in heat and heighten detoxification. While wrapped receive a full Demi Facial customized just for you with Eminence Organic Skin Care Products. Your Esthetician will then guide you to our rain therapy shower where you will have ample time to rinse away any product your skin didn’t fully absorb. You will then head back to the room for a final warm lotion application.
You will leave feeling truly rejuvenated and pampered.
90 min: $130