When women nurture their own wellbeing,
they create a beautiful ripple effect,
positively affecting everyone else in their life.

For Pregnant & New Moms

At Zenana Center for Wellbeing, we recognize that at the very heart of a woman, is your nature to care for and be there for your family and the important people in your life.

Our wellness and healing center is a place where expecting, new and busy moms are welcomed with open arms into a nurturing space —  where your individual experience of peace, tranquility and wellbeing experience is our deepest desire. We understand that you are better equipped to care for others when your own needs are met.

The job of mothering is one of the greatest undertakings a woman will ever experience in her lifetime. We strive to offer self-care treatments, community support and educational opportunities that deeply nurture mothers and their families — so that you have the care and resources you need to be the best parent possible.

‘Zenana’ literally means the room in the home where women gather and experiences are shared.  Let us delight you and nurture you with our attentive and caring guest services team and healing arts practitioners.