Massage Treatments

Our signature Nurturing Massage promotes general relaxation, relieves tension, soothes sore muscles and improves circulation. Our experienced massage therapists provide relaxing, therapeutic bodywork using a variety of techniques to address your specific needs and concerns.

  • Signature Massage Treatments HERE
  • Prenatal Massage Session
  • Deep Tissue Massage Session
  • Motor Vehicle Recovery Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage Session
  • Extended Experience ~ upgrade to a 75 min or 90 min Session   (not available with Hot Stone Massage/ Motor Vehicle Recovery Massage)
  • Modified Table Massage Session

Prenatal Massage focuses on the special needs that arise during pregnancy, reducing discomforts and concerns such as backache, swelling and leg cramps. This massage enhances the physiologic and emotional well-being of both mother and baby. Extra care and attention are given to the mother’s comfort and stage of pregnancy, featuring our unique and amazing body cushion and reclined positions.

Deep Tissue Massage is used to address chronically tense areas of the body. Employing techniques that are slower and pressure that is deeper, your therapist will concentrate on areas of tension and pain.

Hot Stone Therapy Massage melts away stress and muscle tension. The smooth, basalt stones feel amazing, as they gently radiate heat, warming your muscles, relieving pain and releasing you into relaxation.

Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery Massage restores balance to your system with therapeutic and relaxation techniques designed to assist in faster recovery.

Modified Table Session allows for a fully clothed massage of target areas while lying on either our supportive body cushion or our reclined wedge. The perfect introduction to massage or a great way to take a relaxing break when time is limited! Traditional massage chair available upon request.

Personalized Enhancements

Upgrade your next massage to include one of our specialty add-on services for a unique experience tailored just for you. You’ll love the extra pampering incorporated into your experience knowing you deserve that bit of decadence.

  • Customized Aromatherapy

Aromatic Hot Oil Scalp Massage saturates your hair with sheer hydration. Your therapist will massage our custom-blended warm hair oil into your scalp. Then your head is wrapped in a hot towel to allow the blend to thoroughly seep in during your massage. Follow with a shower or wear it for a few hours. Your gift is a bottle of the hair oil for future nourishment.

Face and Sinus Massage utilizes lymphatic and sinus drainage techniques. Featuring Éminence Organic Skin Care your face will be gently cleansed and massaged bringing about deep relaxation as well as releasing your sinus passages. Your gift includes a sample-sized cleanser and moisturizer as well as a map of sinus points.

Lymphatic Leg Brushing is one of the best manual ways in which to stimulate your lymph system, help to reduce edema and facilitate cleansing of the blood. Your gift is a body brush and a step-by-step guide for daily skin brushing.

Foot Reflexology stimulates points on the foot to promote an energetic balance throughout the body. These points correlate to imbalanced areas of the body and are massaged in addition to your regular foot massage. This basic technique is easy to learn with your gift of a reflexology map of the hands and feet.

Stretch Mark Prevention and Attention is tailored to those concerned about pregnancy-related stretch marks. Your belly, hips and/or thighs are gently massaged with our Regenerating Oil from , for maximum hydration and nutrition of these areas. While this may not minimize stretch marks for every type of skin, our blend will help prepare the skin and aid in the treatment of these delicate scars. Your take home gift is an individual sized  bottle of our Regenerating Oil for later use.

Top Shelf Oil
Enjoy our top shelf body oils and souffles and experience your most luxurious massage, upon request.

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