Welcome to Positive PlayTime! Let’s play, learn, laugh & grow together!

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Positive PlayTime is part parenting class, part interactive playgroup.

We sing silly songs,
create art together,
jump around the room like animals,
and learn cutting-edge positive parenting tools
affirmed by the latest brain science.
Most importantly, we support one another to believe in ourselves.
And the power of parents everywhere to create a better world
by having more fun in our lives and raising children who thrive. 
$15 per family per class  7-10 family maximum
contact Megan to register

Meet Megan:

My Story
What makes my work different than other parent educators and coaches is my first-hand life experience
with high stress in both my childhood and adult life.My experience as a child abuse survivor,
as well as  experiencing domestic violence
in my adult life have shaped me into
a truly compassionate advocate 
for the human rights of children and families.
I have wanted to serve humanity since I was a little girl.
In high school, I was even voted “Most Likely to Make a Difference in the World.”
Up until about age 25, I dove full force into my work helping others.With a 20 year background in non-formal & formal education from pre-K to high school,
I have worked for agencies such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Fresh Air Fund, SNAP-ed, and the U.S. Peace Corps.
I am a dedicated volunteer, offering my services to about a dozen non-profit organizations over the years,
including serving on two board of directors.In my early 20’s, I co-founded a youth development NGO
dedicated to uplifting the lives of indigenous Filipino youth though the arts.
I have a bachelor’s degree in English Education (7th-12th grade),
am a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator as well as a Certified Family Mediator,
and will be finishing a master’s in Conflict Resolution in Fall 2015.After the birth of my son, I realized how hard parenting today is.
And that the best way to serve children is through helping parents.
I do my best to be a catalyst for parenting with gentle power.
I help you become your calm & confident highest self, as a parent and as a person. 

To inspire you to become the best of who you are is truly an honor,
and my gift to the next generation of children.  
When I’m not working with families, you can find me in the office at an Education for Life school,
walking in the woods, cooking for loved ones, yard-saleing, and building wooden block cities or doing art with my son.
Writing and blogging, doing photo shoots, dancing,  spending time with friends, and painting with glitter
are some of my favorite creative endeavors.


Me and my son, aka my greatest teacher. Photo by Aubrey Trievel.

All the best to you & your family,



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