Wellbeing comes from being in tune
with your inner nature
and the nature that surrounds you.

Nurturing Your Wellbeing

Our Center for Wellbeing is made possible by our amazing team of practitioners and guest services staff — all of whom wish to make a positive difference in the lives of each of our guests and clients.

It is our deepest desire is to create a nurturing, nourishing, and safe place where you’ll find treatments, programs, classes and resources to support your journey towards radiant health, greater wellbeing and integrated living.

In the coming months, we will be adding new programs, classes, practitioners and teachers to our current offerings — please check back often to see how we’re expanding into new ways to support you in having greater peace, vibrancy and fulfillment in your life.

Do you offer classes or workshops that inspire others on their path towards greater health and wellbeing?

Have you been looking for an inviting space to offer classes for your students — and an opportunity to expand your program offerings?

At Zenana Center for Wellbeing — upstairs from our award winning Spa, we have have a spacious teaching room, filled with natural light — ideal group gatherings, wellbeing events and mindfulness classes.

We’re actively seeking teachers and program facilitators that would benefit from being a part of the Center for Wellbeing Community, by offering health and wellness programs, in our welcoming and nurturing space.

The Wellbeing Studio is available on an hourly or day-use basis.  For more information on rates and availability please contact us at:

Phone: (503) 238-6262

Email:  studio@nullzenana-spa.com

Self-care is never a selfish act —
it is simply good stewardship of
the only gift we were put on earth to offer to others.

– Parker Palmer