Lactation Classes & Support

Natural Latch Lactation Services, LLC is a private lactation practice in Portland, that specializes in helping families have the most fulfilling breastfeeding experience possible.

For more information and to arrange for breastfeeding support and a private visit in the comfort of your home or our office, you can reach Meg through the Natural Latch Lactation Services Facebook Page.

At Zenana Center for Wellbeing we also carry a full line of Medela breast pumps, and a variety of products for all your breastfeeding needs.


Wednesdays at 11:30am-1:00pm
Nursing babies; 0-6 months

  • First session free to anyone
  • Suggested donation
    $5 per support group session

Come weigh your baby, connect with other nursing mothers, ask questions, and get evidence based information about common breastfeeding issues from a lactation educator at our weekly breastfeeding support group!