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3 Keys to Promoting Better Gut Health

Learn how to care for your digestive system holistically

The gut is one of the most powerful centers in your body. The gut, or microbiome, is the center of absorption of nutrients and eliminating foods. It contains 100 trillion bacteria that live symbiotically within you and is the seat of deep knowing…think “gut feeling”, “gut instinct” and “intuition”.

Come learn about, get surprised by and learn to love your amazing digestive system. We will spend 1.5 hours in community learning, tasting and sharing about your experiences with gut health. You will walk away with tips and tricks to encourage better gut health for you and your family. And, what’s best is that it is entirely FREE! Just bring your lovely self and a journal if you life to take notes.

M.J.’s exploration of wellness has been virtually lifelong, starting at age 8 as a competitive gymnast. Formal classes and trainings have been many since her awakening 9 years ago, and recently culminated in receiving her Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching certificate from IIN in NYC. She is also a 200-hr Yoga teacher, a Reiki II practitioner and soon-to-be Conscious Living author. 

Wednesday, March 21st 5:15-6:45pm

Taught by M.J. Richardson
Yoga with M.J.
Contact M.J. at to save your space for this enlightening workshop.

Workshop is FREE!

Full Circle Pelvis

The pelvic floor is probably the most ignored muscle group in our bodies. If you have pelvic floor issues, such as incontinence or pain, or if you just hate kegels, the Full Circle Pelvis Method will help you find a new sense of power and control within your core.

These workshops are designed for all women; you are welcome to take one class or both. Either way, you will learn a totally new and different approach to strengthening your pelvic floor and your core abdominal muscles. The Full Circle Pelvis Method will teach you the foundations, starting from your root, to create efficient movement, enhancing your vitality and spirit.

Taught by Dr. Liz Wallace, ND, LAc’s
A Healing Practice

Saturday, February 24th 10am-1pm
Workshop Fee:  $45
Email to sign up.

Do you offer classes or workshops that inspire others on their path towards greater health and wellbeing?

Have you been looking for an inviting space to offer classes for your students — and an opportunity to expand your program offerings?

At Zenana Center for Wellbeing — upstairs from our award winning Spa, we have have a spacious teaching room, filled with natural light — ideal group gatherings, wellbeing events and mindfulness classes.

We’re actively seeking teachers and program facilitators that would benefit from being a part of the Center for Wellbeing Community, by offering health and wellness programs, in our welcoming and nurturing space.

The Wellbeing Studio is available on an hourly or day-use basis.  For more information on rates and availability please contact us at:

Phone: (503) 238-6262